How Long Does LipiFlow® Take to Treat Dry Eye?

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How Long Does LipiFlow® Take to Treat Dry Eye?

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How Long Does LipiFlow® Take to Treat Dry Eye?

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How Long Does LipiFlow® Take to Treat Dry Eye?

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LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System, or simply LipiFlow, is a non-invasive procedure that treats dry eye. It treats meibomian gland dysfunction, a chronic dry eye disease. The procedure helps address the root cause of the problem. 


LipiFlow is efficient at addressing dry eye dysfunction. It works by opening and clearing the blocked meibomian glands. It is necessary to know how long LipiFlow takes to treat dry eyes and for you to feel relief.  


How LipiFlow Works


As previously stated, LipiFlow is used to treat dry eye due to meibomian gland dysfunction. It helps open and clear the blocked glands, allowing the resumption of natural oil production for a healthy tear film. The system applies heat from an external device to the inner and outer eyelids while massaging the outer eyelid.


The massage process helps relax and open the meibomian gland ducts. It is easy to remove the obstructions as the blockages become warm and liquified. The 12-minute procedure is painless and non-invasive, and it does not harm the eyes. 


During LipiFlow Treatment


A dry eye LipiFlow appointment can take about one hour. During that time, the eye specialist performs a debridement procedure before the actual LipiFlow treatment. A drop of mild anesthetic in each eye before debridement is ideal for loosening debris around the eyelids. 


After the debridement, the LipiFlow treatment can begin. The doctor inserts an eyepiece gently into the eye. The eyes remain closed during the treatment. As the device works on the blockages, a patient experiences gentle pressure and warmth on the eyelids.


How Long It Takes to See LipiFlow Results


LipiFlow treatment results will differ from one patient to the next depending on the severity of their condition. On average, it can take two to four weeks to experience results from the treatment. 


Most patients report experiencing relief from their symptoms within four weeks. Some patients experience improvement soon after treatment, even within a day. For patients with chronic MGD, the results can take four to five months to see results. 


Are LipiFlow Results Permanent?


Dry eye disease can be a chronic condition, and there is no known permanent cure. LipiFlow treatment is effective; however, patients need to repeat the process for long-term results in most cases. Several factors determine sustained relief, such as how long the patient has had the disease and their age. 


Other factors are the patient’s physiology, general health, and lifestyle. Activities such as the use of computers will determine the long-term success of the treatment.


Is LipiFlow Treatment for You?


Your eye doctor will conduct several tests to determine if LipiFlow treatment is right for you. The underlying cause of the dry eye will determine if you are a candidate for the treatment. If the dry eye is due to meibomian gland dysfunction, you can benefit from LipiFlow. 


If you have chronic dry eyes, talk to the doctor about this quick, effective, and comfortable therapy. The treatment will improve the quality of your life. A qualified eye doctor must administer LipiFlow. The specialized process can offer a solution for dry eye syndrome. 


For more on how long LipiFlow takes to treat dry eye, or to see if the treatment is right for you, call Look! Optometry at our office in Manhattan Beach, California at (310) 796-5665 today to schedule an appointment.

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