Dry Eye Syndrome

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Dry Eye Syndrome

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Dry Eye Syndrome

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Dry Eye Syndrome

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Your Home for Dry Eye Treatment in Manhattan Beach

If your eyes are constantly making your miserable, you could very likely be struggling with a common syndrome known as dry eye. Dry eye not only causes a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, but it can also lead to significant complications and vision problems if you don't seek proper treatment from an optometrist. Here at Look! Optometry, we're happy to offer our services at your trusted home for dry eye treatment in Manhattan Beach CA.

Common Symptoms and Causes of Dry Eye

Ideally, eyes are never completely exposed to the elements. Instead, they're coated in a tear film that provides constant protection, hydration, and lubrication. The lubrication comes from a layer of oil produced by the meibomian glands in the eyelids. This layer sits on top of a water layer, which in turn sits on top of a mucous layer. You should get the right balance of all of these ingredients every time you blink, but that doesn't happen in the case of dry eye. If you have either unbalanced tear film or not enough tear fluid, you can experience symptoms such as:

  • Blurred vision
  • Red eyes
  • A burning or sandpapery feeling in the eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • A heavy or fatigued feeling in the eyes

Dry eye can be caused aggravated by a number of triggers. Insufficient fluid production may be due to age, medication, or underlying health problems. Windy environments or marathon computer sessions, which may keep you from blinking at a normal pace, can dry your eyes out prematurely. Clogged meibomian glands may not be able to contribute the oil necessary to prevent tear fluid evaporation. Some contact lenses can worsen dry eye.

​​​​​​​Getting Help from Our Optometrist in Manhattan Beach

It's important to get help for your dry eye. The longer your eyes go without the proper protection, the more vulnerable they are to damage, possibly causing long-term vision loss. Our optometrist in Manhattan Beach can check your tear film chemistry and volume while considering your medical history, age, medications list, working habits, and other factors. We can then recommend the right treatment plan for your needs. You may benefit from eye drops, lifestyle changes, changes in your healthcare routine, different contact lenses, or treatment to restore your meibomian gland function.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Introducing our new Dry Eye treatment technology M22™ Optima IPL, which combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with unique Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™).

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Look! Optometry Knows How to Deal With Dry Eye

If you're looking for soothing solutions to your dry eye dilemma, search no further than Look! Optometry​​​​​​​. Call our optometrist in Manhattan Beach today at (310) 796-5665 to set up an appointment!

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