What Is Eye Misalignment?

picture of a woman

What Is Eye Misalignment?

picture of a woman with glasses

What Is Eye Misalignment?

picture of a man with glasses

What Is Eye Misalignment?

picture of a man with glasses

Ever wondered why, despite having two eyes, you only see a single visual image? What you see is the result of signals sent from the eyes to your brain. This ability to maintain visual focus in your surrounding with both eyes refers to binocular vision. People with healthy binocular vision have perfectly aligned eyes, allowing them to see one clear image.


What You Need to Know


Eye misalignment occurs when the eyes don’t work well together as a team, causing them not to stay straight. When your eyes are out of sync, your brain will compensate for the misalignment. This causes significant stress on your visual system, creating a wide variety of symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Tired, dry eyes.

  • Neck and shoulder pain.

  • Sensitivity to light.

  • Discomfort while using digital devices.

  • Severe headaches.

  • Dizziness.

  • Difficulty reading.

  • Restless sleep.




There are several ways to treat the symptoms caused by eye misalignment. In fact, a recent breakthrough led to the invention of neurolenses. These are the first and only prescription lenses that use a contoured prism, thus bringing your eyes into alignment. Studies have shown that contoured prisms can help relieve eyestrain, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain that many people experience when reading, doing detailed work, or using digital devices. What’s more, nine out of 10 people who received Neurolens prescription glasses found symptom relief.


Many years of intensive clinical research revealed the link between the eyes and the brain. Researchers in optometry, ophthalmology, and neurology found that patients suffering from headaches widely shared a common trait. This trait is eye misalignment, which caused specific symptoms when reading, doing work focusing up close, and using digital devices.


How Does It Work?


The system in the Neurolens prescription involves a five-step treatment process. It starts with the eye doctor administering a Lifestyle Index to see if you are a viable candidate for Neurolens glasses. If so, your eye doctor in Manhattan Beach, CA will use an eye-tracking device to measure the degree of your eye misalignment. This test will only take a few minutes and provide your eye doctor with information on your problems seeing at near and far distances. Third, your eye doctor will review the findings and explain how symptoms occur as a result of eye muscle strain. The results obtained will become the basis of the prescription. Fourth, your neurolenses will be ordered online, and lastly, you will return to your eye doctor after a few weeks. This visit is to ensure that you found relief after using your prescription glasses.


Anomalies in binocular vision are among the most common visual disorders. Aside from special eyeglasses, eye misalignment can also be treated with behavioral vision therapy or corrective surgery. It’s always best to get a complete eye exam every year, especially during early childhood, when the visual system is still developing. Early detection is vital to prevent the condition from progressing as well as improve outcomes.


Are you experiencing neck stiffness or having trouble concentrating when you read? Don’t let vision problems disrupt your work or learning goals. Visit Look! Optometry in Manhattan Beach, CA today, to take our Neurolens questionnaire. You can reach us at (310) 796-5665 to schedule your consultation.

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